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Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids



Bleeding Hemorrhoids Bleeding HemorrhoidsAlthough bleeding hemorrhoids is not a cause for panic, this result from an advanced stage of hemorrhoids and needs medical attention. The good thing is that there are treatments available for bleeding hemorrhoids which can put a stop to it and also provide a permanent cure.

Cause of bleeding hemorrhoids

  • A major cause of bleeding hemorrhoids is by internal tearing

Blood in the stool is a common symptom of internal hemorrhoids. When the hemorrhoids are strained and aggravated they develop blood clots which start bleeding, and that is noticeable every time you pass stools. Constipation, diarrhea, strain during bowel movements, and unhealthy eating habits result in aggravation of internal hemorrhoids and tearing of internal hemorrhoid tissue that leads to bleeding.

  • Bleeding from thrombosed hemorrhoids

Bleeding from external hemorrhoids is very uncommon. Thus if you experience bleeding from an external source, it is likely to result from anal fissures. Internal hemorrhoids can become prolapsed and become engorged with blood and protrude of the anus, and result in bleeding. Since this prolapsed tissue is located externally, symptoms such as itching, pain, swelling and in general a lot of discomfort. This can be mistaken for external hemorrhoids. Bleeding hemorrhoids are also associated with other uncomfortable symptoms. It is important to keep this area free form friction and avoid excessive rubbing or scratching.

  • Color of blood (red, brown, or black) is indicative of condition

Bleeding hemorrhoids usually result in bright red colored blood. This is fresh blood that oozes out from the torn internal hemorrhoids due to stress and strain on the tissue during a bowel movement or due to excess weight in the abdominal area. Dark colored blood, is however not indicative of bleeding hemorrhoids and points to other conditions. The blood loss from bleeding hemorrhoids is never heavy and does not lead to hemorrhage in case you suffer from excessive blood loss, you must immediately seek medical attention and get the condition checked.

What are the other causes of anal blood loss?

Although blood in the stool is a common symptom of bleeding hemorrhoids, there are serious conditions that can lead to excessive bleeding from the anus as well. Other causes of bleeding include tearing of the rectal tissue, infection, or even caner. Polyps can also seem like lumps that can be felt externally and mimic the bleeding hemorrhoids condition. Thus, if you feel that you suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids, it is best to get a doctor to diagnose the condition accurately so that you can get appropriate medical attention.

Diagnosis and Treatments

Never try to self diagnose your condition and try your own treatment. Although bleeding hemorrhoids is a not a fatal condition, trying to fix this problem yourself can lead to several complications, and result in extreme pain and discomfort. However, if correctly diagnosed there are several option discussed below, to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.

Mild Treatments for Hemorrhoids


Several hemorrhoid creams can help to relieve the itching and swelling from bleeding hemorrhoids by numbing the affected area.

Moderate Treatments for Hemroids

Another option for relieving bleeding hemorrhoids is sclerotherapy. This involves injecting a chemical inside the affected tissue that slowly reduces the swelling, and hence the bleeding, relieving the symptoms automatically.

Intensive Treatments for Hemroids

In severe cases of bleeding hemorrhoids the doctor may suggest options such as rubber band therapy or surgery. In rubber band therapy a band is tied at the base of the hemorrhoids to cut the blood supply to this region. This forces the hemorrhoids to wither away and drop off and leaves a scar tissue on the spot which prevents recurring of this condition.

Hemorrhoidectomy or hemorrhoids surgery is another invasive method to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids. Although surgery offers a permanent solution is it a very painful method with a long recovery period and usually the last option available. Before trying surgery, it is better to try other less invasive options.

Natural Treatments for Bleeding Hemroids

  • Apple cider vinegar. Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. This helps stop blood loss form bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Grape seed. This helps reduce swelling and also gives relief from pain.
  • Cayenne pepper. Adding this to your diet improves blood flow. Try taking it with water till the bleeding hemorrhoids improve.
  • Yarrow. This is a herbal remedy that was commonly used in Europe to stop blood loss from wounds and can also be used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Thermotherapy. Heat applied to bleeding hemorrhoids can aid in shrinking of bleeding hemorrhoids.

Herbal and natural products also cure bleeding hemorrhoids. An example of such a natural product is HemCare which is a herbal product known to reduce swelling because of its anti inflammatory properties. Because of its natural base, HemCare is not allergenic and people do not have any side effects after using this product. Try using this award winning natural product to take care of you bleeding hemorrhoids.

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