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Hemorrhoids Cause

Main Hemorrhoid Causes

Hemorrhoids can be very painful, itchy and uncomfortable. Although not all hemorrhoids causes are preventable, there are various remedies available that can easily increase the severity of this conditional and alleviate the symptoms.

Once you know the details of all the hemorrhoids cause and how to prevent the, it will be easier to control and prevent them.

About Hemroids

Hemorrhoids cause can be due to your lifestyle and eating habits, hereditary reasons or due to some medical conditions. The different hemorrhoids cause is discussed below:

constip 2 Hemorrhoids CauseTime Spent on the Toilet

Sitting for a long time on the toilet puts a lot of undue pressure in the rectal area, and thus on the veins in that area. Try to minimize your time on the toilet, and go only when you feel the urge to.

Sitting for too long

People who sit for long hours at work may also suffer from hemorrhoids, this hemorrhoids cause can easily be dealt with by limiting this period to a bare minimum. Try taking short walks around the office when you can and not sit for long hours at a stretch.

Constipation, Straining, and Diet

Bad eating habits is strongly linked and a strong hemorrhoids cause. A diet rich in fatty and junk food, can lead to bad digestion and irregular bowel movements. Both constipation and diarrhea can aggravate hemorrhoids and prevent healing.

Strain on the anal region can lead to swelling in the veins and a lot of irritation. This persistence of this swelling and irritation can cause further pain and discomfort. Similarly the acidic consistency of stools during diarrhea also irritates the anal region and prevents healing. When you consume a diet full of fiber and fresh nutrients you automatically regulate your bowel movements and prevent constipation and diarrhea.


Women gain weight during pregnancy and this excess weight around the abdomen is another hemorrhoids cause. Although this cannot be avoided entirely, this s temporary condition that gets better after child birth. What you can do is try safe remedies to provide relief during pregnancy.

Child birth is another hemorrhoids cause especially if you already have some symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The best option is to try mild remedies to deal with the symptoms. The symptoms are usually temporary and may disappear after the pregnancy is over.

Anal sex

Anal sex can be a strong hemorrhoids cause especially if you are prone to this condition. Avoid anal sex if you already have some symptoms of discomfort. Although whether or not you have anal sex is entirely up to you, but if you are already uncomfortable, indulging in anal sex may unnecessarily make the condition worse.

Medical Conditions That Cause Hemroids

  • Pelvic tumors. Pelvic tumors put a lot of pressure on the anal veins which may lead to pain and even bleeding from the hemorrhoids.
  • Tissue damage. Tissue damage in the rectal and anal area makes this area more sensitive and prone to the formation of hemorrhoids.
  • Pressure in the anal sphincter. When pressure in the anal sphincter becomes increased, it puts more pressure eon the rectal and anal walls, and thus makes the formation of hemorrhoids more likely. This is also because the sphincter muscle controls the bowel movements and any change in the pressure impacts passage of stool directly.

How to Control Hemorrhoids

The above mentioned hemorrhoids cause can be prevented and hemorrhoids treated by making certain change in your diet and lifestyle and also trying out different hemorrhoid remedies. There are mild as well as invasive remedies available that can with treat your symptoms temporarily or remove it permanently. Depending on the condition of your hemorrhoids, start with a milder hemorrhoid remedy first and if the condition persist ask your doctor for more options.

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