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Hemorrhoids Cream

Options For Using A Hemorrhoid Cream


cream 2 Hemorrhoids CreamA hemorrhoid cream is used by people who are troubled by hemorrhoids and are in much pain. A hemorrhoid cream is the most easily available option for hemorrhoids and usually the first option tried by people.

Strain caused in the hemorrhoid tissue leads to discomfort and a lot of pain during a bowel movement. This is due to inflammation in the veins in the rectal and anal areas. External hemorrhoids can cause more pain than internal hemorrhoids due to its location.

Causes of External Hemorrhoids

There is various reason for developing external hemorrhoids, some that can be controlled and some that cannot.

Controllable factors are as follows:

  • Low fiber
  • Poor diet
  • Sitting for too long
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Low water intake
  • Little to no exercise
  • Straining during bowel movements

Uncontrollable factors are as follows:

  • Age
  • Pregnancy

Several hemorrhoid treatments are available irrespective of the causative factors. You can choose a cheaper treatment like topical application of a hemorrhoid cream or an expensive one like surgery depending on how fast you want it removed, and how severe your condition is. Usually, if the hemorrhoid is at the initial stages hemorrhoid cream and ointments or even herbal products are enough to provide relief.

Application of Hemorrhoid Cream Using an Applicator

Many people may find it uncomfortable to apply a hemorrhoid cream using a gloved finger. Applicators are an alternative and can easily do the job of applying the hemorrhoid cream to the affected area. You may face some difficulty when using an applicator if the anal area is swollen due to the presence of hemorrhoids, and in such cases might have to resort to using a gloved finger.

Natural Lubrication

The function of a hemorrhoid cream is threefold, it soothes the affected area and prevents it from becoming worse; it repairs the tissue and thus promotes healing; finally it lubricates the anal region and helps smooth bowel movements.

The active ingredient in a hemorrhoid cream gets absorbed in the hemorrhoid tissue upon application. Gradually, it reduces the inflammation and soothes the damaged tissue. With regular use, the symptoms begin to decrease and thus provide relief to the patient. This is how an effective hemorrhoid cream helps hemorrhoid patients.

Online Hemorrhoid Cream

To find a hemorrhoid cream, you can inquire at any local drugstore. If you find this awkward or embarrassing you have an alternative of ordering a hemorrhoid cream you want to try online, from the privacy of your own home.

Herbal and natural remedies for hemorrhoids have been effective and should be tried before using invasive procedures. Many hemorrhoid creams can be found online along with other herbal products that can safely relieve your hemorrhoid symptoms and even permanently cure your hemorrhoids.

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