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Hemorrhoids Relief

sitz bath Hemorrhoids ReliefHemorrhoid Relief Can Be Found At The Drugstore

Hemorrhoid relief can be obtained easily from products sold at your local drugstore or even online. Hemorrhoids are a fairly common condition and a lot of research has been done to provide patients with adequate hemorrhoid relief.

Hemorrhoid Relief Products

Hemorrhoid relief can be sought for the different symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. The remedies target symptoms like pain, burning sensation and extreme discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid relief can be obtained for both internal and external hemorrhoids and are available in the form of creams, gels, pads, suppositories, and foams.

The easiest remedy to get fat hemorrhoid relief is from creams and ointments. Usually these creams can be easily applied on external hemorrhoids. In order to each internal hemorrhoid, you might have to use “pile pipes that have holes on the front as well as the sides for even distribution of the cream. The ointments are applied usually after every bowel movement. In case you want to use pile pipes, make sure that the outside of the pipe is well lubricated before you insert it into your anal canal.

Best Ingredients that Provide Hemorrhoid Relief

1. Analgesic products

Analgesics act like an anesthetic in providing hemorrhoid relief. It reduces the pain, itching and burning sensation associated with hemorrhoids by acting on the receptors that transmit the sensation. This effect is, however, temporary and usually another product is required to permanently remove the hemorrhoid from your body.

2. Local anesthetics

If you are looking for hemorrhoid relief and want to reduce the symptoms look for products that contain anesthetic agents. It works by numbing the affected area, and thus reducing the sensation in that region. However, when the effect of the anesthetic wears down, the symptoms may start surfacing again. Also, make sure that you test the product first to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. An allergic reaction can cause further aggravation of the condition. In any case, if you use a local anesthetic limit the use to the external or lower anal canal. Another product that can be effective in reducing the symptoms is called tetracaine that can also numb the affected region and thus provide effective hemorrhoid relief.

3. Antiseptics

Hemorrhoid creams that can antiseptics inhibit growth of bacteria in the affected area, thereby preventing worsening of the condition and in turn providing some hemorrhoid relief. Both Bepanthen and Proctosedyl are ingredients that have antiseptic qualities and are found in hemorrhoid creams.

4. Keratolytics

Keratolytics agents remove the scaly exterior of the hemorrhoids and thus help the hemorrhoid cream reach deeper into the hemorrhoids. In order to provide effective hemorrhoid relief, these creams are used in combination with other active ingredients that work towards healing the hemorrhoids.

5. Vasoconstrictors

Vasoconstrictors work like the hormone epinephrine, in that, it constricts the blood vessels in the affected area, and thus reduce the blood supply. This causes decrease in swelling, and thus removes most of the symptoms. If you want to get some relief from the burning sensation try applying an ice pack to the region a few times a day.

6. Protectants

Protectants form a barrier on the hemorrhoids, and thus prevent further aggravation of the condition. This is because the additional protective layer prevents the stool from coming in contact with the anal walls and prevents friction. This ingredient works well when it is used with other hemorrhoid healing agents, and can provide effective hemorrhoid relief.

7. Astringents

Astringents remove excess moisture from the hemorrhoid region, and thus relieve the burning and itching sensation and also reduce inflammation. When the area dries up, you end up getting immediate hemorrhoid relief.

8. Corticosteroids

This compound is known to reduce the inflammation in the hemorrhoids and thus reduces the symptoms caused by it. There are, however, some side effects associated with it. Although corticosteroids can provide much hemorrhoid relief, prolonged use of this drug may not be good for the skin, and can make it thin. Instead, try a herbal or natural-based product for more permanent hemorrhoid relief.

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