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Hemorrhoids Surgery

Hemorrhoid Surgery

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Most hemorrhoid conditions can be treated with non-invasive methods such as creams and other hemorrhoid remedies. Severe hemorrhoids can however only be treated with surgery. Your doctor may recommend hemorrhoid surgery when all other methods and remedies fail to alleviate your hemorrhoid symptoms. Aggravation of the hemorrhoid symptoms or excessive bleeding warrants immediate medical attention. Sometimes hemorrhoids can become so painful and uncomfortable that surgery is the only option for permanent removal of the affected tissue. Bleeding or pus from the anus is usually seen when the hemorrhoids reach a critical stage at which it has to be removed by surgery.

External hemorrhoids

Surgery for external hemorrhoids, known as hemorrhoidectomy, is generally not required as there are other less invasive treatment options that are available. If, however the hemorrhoids get enlarged to an alarming level and cause extreme discomfort, it is best to remove it by surgery immediately.

Internal hemorrhoids

An advanced case of internal hemorrhoids occurs when the hemorrhoids become prolapsed and hand out of the anus. This is a very painful condition that might need surgery for complete removal and a permanent cure for hemorrhoids. Surgical removal of hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy and is the last resort that doctors follow. Though, it completely removes the hemorrhoids, the recovery after surgery requires a few weeks of rest and caution.

Though, hemorrhoid surgery is the last option, it is the most effective form of treatment for large and aggravated internal hemorrhoids and for people who do not respond to other forms of treatment. Other forms of treatment include fixative procedures such as rubber band ligation and other physical barrier methods.

Considering Surgery

Hemorrhoidectomy is usually conducted to remove large internal hemorrhoids.

Other serous conditions such as heavy bleeding from internal hemorrhoids may warrant surgery. Bleeding from hemorrhoids results in a condition called thrombosed hemorrhoids. Since it the second stage of internal hemorrhoids and leads to more severe symptoms, it can be only be rectified by a hemorrhoid surgery.

Hemorrhoid surgery to remove thrombosed hemorrhoids can be conducted in your doctor’s office or in a clinic. During this procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to the affected area and the clotted thrombosed hemorrhoid removed after making a small incision in the anal area. Removal of the hemorrhoid tissue causes immediate relief to the patients. The timing of the surgery is critical and it is best to have a hemorrhoid surgery done as soon as a lump or a clotted thrombosed hemorrhoid is detected.

When you consult your doctor about the hemorrhoid symptoms you are experiencing, discuss with him the treatment options including hemorrhoid surgery. If the pain due to the hemorrhoids is not very severe and can be treated by alternate methods, you might want to try those first and leave the hemorrhoids surgery as the last option. This is because, even though the hemorrhoids surgery is a minor procedure, the recovery time for it is a long and painful process.

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